From the recording I Need LOve

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Taking into account Richard Smith’s gathering of songs of his third album, he continued to release singles on a regular basis –yet it's not entirely surprising that it still has this happiness from his last album ‘Attempted Murder on Richard Smith. Again,he padded the album with covers, such as Imagine, Stair of Paradise, What a Wonderful World and White Christmas which adds new flavour, and also Bad Boy, I want to hold your Hand and One-sided love affair" which gives Richard a chance to loosen his rock & roll muscles. Richard is writing again and his contributions which hold their own against much of their world pop peers. Since Richard wrote all of their originals they are great songs. His songs holds strong, particularly on the plaintive Baby you’ve been lying to me and She Don’t Care, where the brash arrangement disguises about Richard’s parent’s divorce in 1984. Driven by an indelible happy guitars, I need love and O la la la la were masterpieces and Is that what love is for is the kind of song Richard effortlessly tosses off - which he does with the lively Blonde Blue and At night night night night, two very fine tunes that simply update his melodic signature. He did much better with this Take a me for what I am, an irresistible gem, and That don’t move me a simple, alternative rockability song whose arrangement and composition suggested much more sophisticated and adventurous musical territory.