Announced: Richard Smith's YouTube Official Artist Channel as arrived

Richard Smith has been official as an music artist in YOUTUBE in the Official Artist Channel

Announcing upgrades to your Official Artist Channel, a single channel for you, your music, and your fans! 


YouTube Music Team  

Mar 11, 2020, 12:19 AM (3 days ago) 

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We're reaching out to share some exciting news. Right now when your fans want to follow you on YouTube, they have to choose between multiple channels. This makes it difficult to connect with fans and promote your new releases to their full potential. 

We have listened to feedback from artists and their teams and are announcing upgrades to your Official Artist Channel. 

In the coming days, subscribers across your multiple channels will be merged onto your Official Artist Channel and videos across these channels will be branded consistently with your channel name. 

Now that all of your subscribers are behind one channel, your videos can have more reach. With a consolidated audience, now is a great time to utilize new ways to engage with your fans and promote what’s important to you using - Community Posts, Mobile Live, Tickets, and Comment Hearts. 

We hope this change helps you promote your music more effectively and connect with fans! Learn more. 

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YouTube Music Team 

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