One Night

by Richard Smith

Released 2019
Released 2019
R&B, Rock N Roll
Attempted Murder on Richard Smith is a continuation of the highest order-one that is more superior of the original by mounting its own character and adding its depth. While it may share of likenesses with its forerunner-there is an equivalent relation of covers-to-originals, a memorable mix of R&B, pop, country, ballads, and rock, and without being disrupting the flow of the album. Attempted Murder on Richard Smith is a more improved record that not only rocks harder, but it’s noticeably more complicated. He delivered real rock & roll directly (Got a lotta loving to do) or heavy use of forceful vocals, distorted electric guitars, bass guitars and drums (‘ Seven Days A week I Love You). Richard Smith wrote a beautiful sweet country ballad (the achingly gorgeous ‘I Need your Love’) and an energetic pop/rockers (‘ O at O I’m Falling in love’) with equal assurance; and the propulsive rockers (‘I can’t wait’) were as splendidly easy on the ear as the slower song (‘She don’t care’. Even songs such ‘Think about it’ and “ Version Zero-I got the Power” are real standouts with its foreboding piece of muzak. Since Richard Smith’s covered so much ground with the originals, some the covers seemed similar in comparison, particularly since they rely on memorable hits. But for every ‘Too Much’, or ‘One Night’, both a surprisingly solid readings of the Elvis Presley standards, there is a sublime moment , such as Richard Smith’s soaring interpretation of ‘Unchained Melody’, ‘True Love’, or ‘You’ll Never walk alone’ and the singer always turns in thoroughly enjoyable performances. Still, the heart of Richard Smith lies not in the covers, but the originals, where it was clear Richard Smith turned into specialist craftsmen and musical innovator.

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