Jet Jet Black

by Richard Smith

Released 2016
Released 2016
'This compact but dense collection of rock Americana riches is unrelentingly emphatic and persuasive due to its smooth-as-silk diction and entertaining narratives.'

The Akademian team
ALEXIS: What has your experience been like working with the other people on your team?

RICHARD SMITH: I was very lucky of meeting Charlie Holoubek and his bands when I went to the first recording studios in 1981 in Adelaide . I did record most of my songs with Charlie between 1981-to 1991. Charlie was a great musician, organizer and teacher who did help me. He played a range of music from rhythm and blues to rock and modern jazz and having fun with contemporary New Orleans music. So when I met him and asked him to help me to record my songs, he could understand what I want to do with my music and where it was coming from. We are still friends after 35 years. Also I met Bill Harrison at his own recording studio as a studio engineer. He helped me to create my songs when I was young. He allowed me to mix my songs in the studio between 1982 to 1984 such as ' I Got the Power', 'Persian Love ('I Need Love)', and 'Working in the Workforce'. I was very lucky to have great talents helping me at that time. In my nursing career, I was also getting along with my team. You might know that nursing is a stressful job because you have the life of those people in your hand. but still we had time in our break to have fun and tell jokes. My wife and I moved to Queensland in 2007 from South Australia and still after 9 years we are in contact with our nursing colleagues in South Australia. Believe it or not the first person who bought my song was my nursing work mate. She has been one of my best friends for over 25 years. I am a reliable person, also stable. I stayed with my job the same Hospital for 25 years. Of course there are always disagreements between people, but I believe we have to talk about it, think about it, find the truth, and solve the problem.

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