I Got the Power

by Richard Smith

Released 2016
Released 2016
'This bluesy lament plainly describes the miseries of so many folks isolated by modern life - 'I Got The Power' is the anthem of practically anyone suffering from unrequited love.'
"My goal is to entertain the masses of people throughout the world."
I was born in Leicester,UK, on 22 June 1958. My father, Allan, and my mother, Janet, were both born in England. My mother met my father in Leicester in 1955 when he was a soldier. The family moved to Adelaide,SA,in 1971 and then eventually I moved myself to Gold Coast, QLD, in 2007.

As a child I used to sing even though I had no formal training. I use to sing in some clubs in Adelaide as well as singing to patients when I was working as a nurse. Also I wrote my own songs which I recorded it in several studios in Adelaide. I recorded those songs between 1980 to 1992.

After leaving school I became a psycho-nurse until a intruder attacked me while I was a sleeping in my room. It took five years to get my speech back and be able to read and write again. Eventually I managed to enrol in Griffith University in 2009 as a student. I went to X-factor in 2010 while I was studying.

Musical style and influences

I cited a number of musicians in my musical influences, including Sam Cooke , Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and The Beatles. My music has crossed many genres; from ballads such as "Blue moon', through to soul/pop/rock n' roll, and blues.
Songwriting and production

I began writing songs when I was a teenager. I wrote rock, n roll and blues songs during in my teenage and in early twenty years. I wrote songs such as "Jet Jet Black," "I got the Power," and "I need your Love." I has recordedan for other artists such as "Secret Love", "Bad Boy" and "What A Wonderful World."

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