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Official Akademia Executive Award Certificate For Richard Smith 2019

Dear Richard Smith,

Congratulations on being awarded the 2019 Akademia Executive Award for outstanding creative and professional achievement. This is our highest honor. We are pleased to provide you with the link to your official Akademia Executive Award certificate:

Tomorrow, you will receive an email with the links to download the standard HD video files from this year's gala event. We hope you'll enjoy watching them again. Please note that you'll have full license to use these videos for any and all promotional purposes. We thank you for making this year's gala event such a success! You'll be pleased to know that viewership this year was higher than ever before. We look forward to providing you with many exciting updates in the days ahead.

Kind regards,

The Akademia Team
Music Submissions & Awards Specialist

The Akademia
633 W. Fifth Street, 26th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90071  

   Richard Smith Songs are now linked with the Global Music Awards Website


Richard Smith's 'I Got The Power' as a Blues song was awarded place (Bronze) as a finalists of the competition of the Global Music Awards in 2017. Thank you for supporting that song 'I got the Power'. It also Richard Smith's Songs are also Linked with thr Global Music Awards Website too

We would like to this opportunity again to formally congratulate you on winning The Akademia Music Award for Best Pop Rock Song for 'Party' in the January 2017 Akademia Music Awards!:


We would like to this opportunity to formally congratulate you on winning  The Akademia Music Award  for Best R&B/Soul song for 'I Got The Power' in the December 2016 Akademia Music Awards!:

The Best Cover Song for "Unchained Melody' in the November 2016 Akademia Music Awards:

The Akademia like to take this opportunity to formally congratulate Richard Smith on winning The Akademia Music Award for Best Pop Rock Song for 'Persian Love I Need Love' in the November 2016 Akademia Music Awards!:

The Akademia as congratulated on Richard Smith's Akademia Award win for Best Pop Rock Song for 'Story'!

The Akademia congratulated Richard Smith on Winning The Akademia Music Award for Best Rock/Classic Music Video for 'Story' in the June Akademia Music Awards!

The Akademia Team formally congratulate Richard Smith on winning The Akademia Music Award for Best Rock/Americana Album for 'Smiths Story' in the March 2016 Akademia Music Awards!  


Placed Richard Smith's song 'Story' in these Major Stations in different geographic regions beginning in April 14th 2016:

KXRL Radio Los Angeles, California USA

KEDG Radio Sydney, Australia

KHSX Radio Houston, Texas USA

WLDN Radio London, United Kingdom

WMIC Radio Miami, Florida USA

KSPR Radio San Francisco, California USA

KBPR Radio Boston, Massachusetts USA

KPPR Radio Paris, France

KRPR Radio Rome, Italy

KMPR Radio Manila, Philippines

KHTL Los Angeles, California USA

KHTP Phoenix, Arizona USA

KHTS Shanghai, China


KHTI Istanbul, Turkey

KHTB Buenos Aires, Argentina

A-Pulse Radio-Atlanta, Georgia Pulse 200XR

C-Pulse Radio-Capetown, South Africa Pulse 200XR

J-Pulse Radio-Jakarta, Indonesia Pulse 200XR

M-Pulse Radio-Mumbai, India Pulse 200XR

S-Pulse Radio-Seol, South Korea Pulse 200XR

JamXR Radio Seattle, Washington USA

JamXR Radio Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

JamXR Radio Moscow, Russia

JamXR Radio Bangkok. Thailand

JAMXR Radio Sao Paulo, Brazil


Vibe XR Radio Detroit, Michigan USA

Vibe XR Radio Toronto, Canada

Vibe XR Radio Mexico City, Mexico

Vibe XR Radio Madrid, Spain

Vibe XR Radio Dubai, United Arab Emirates

WZHT HIt XR Toronto, Canada

WMHT HIt XR Montreal, Canada

KVHT Hit XR Vancouver, Canada

WHTO XR Ottawa, Canada

KHTE XR Edmonton, Canada

Arc Radio Network Barcelona, Spain

Arc Radio Network Madrid, Spain

Arc Radio Network Lisbon, Portugal

Arc Radio Network Ibiza, Spain

Arc Radio Network Monaco

 Roots XR Radio Nashville, Tennessee USA

Roots XR Radio Memphis, Tennessee USA

Roots XR Radio Dallas, Texas USA

Roots XR Radio Austin, Texas USA

Roots XR Radio Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA

The Pearl Of Asia Bangkok, Thailand

The Pearl Of Asia Singapore, Singapore

The Pearl Of Asia Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Pearl Of Asia Jakarta, Indonesia

The Pearl Of Asia Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Force 5 Radio Istanbul, Turkey

Force 5 Radio Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Force 5 Radio Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Force 5 Radio Karachi, Pakistan

Force 5 Radio Baghdad, Iraq

KCSL Sol XR Bogota, Colombia

KVSL Sol XR Caracas, Venezuela

KPSL Sol XR San  Juan, Puerto Ricoa

KMSL Sol XR Acapulco, Mexico

KBSL Sol EX Brasilia, Brazil

Wild XR Radio Sydney, Australia

Wild XR Radio Melbourne, Australia

Wild XR Radio Brisbane, Australia

Wild XR Radio Perth, Australia

Wild XR Radio Auckland, New Zealand

The Heat XR Rome , Italy

The Heat XR Naples, Italy

The Heat XR Milan, Italy

The Heat XR Athens, Greece

The Heat ER Bucharest, Romania

WFXR Flex Radio Sao Paulo, Brazil

/wfxr /flex Radio Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

WFXR Flex Radio Salvador, Brazil


WFXR Flex Radio Brasilia, Brazil

WFXR  Flex Radio Fortaleza, Brazil

KESH Radio 1 Marrakech, Morocco

KESH Radio 2 Casablanca, Morocco

KESH Radio 3 Algiers, Algeria

KESH Radio 4 Tripoli, Libya

KESH Radio 5 Dakar, Senagal

Vibe XR Radio New York, New York USA

Vibe XR Radio Boston, Massachusetts USA

Vibe XR Radio Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

Vibe XR Radio Detroit, Michigan USA

Vibe XR Radio Washington, D.C. USA

Silk Radio Syndicate Mumbai, India

Silk Radio Syndicate Delhi, India

Silk Radio Syndicate Bangalore, India

Silk Radio Syndicate Hyderabad, India

Silk Radio Syndicate Chennai, India

KRSG Rush  XR Stockholm, Sweden

KRSG Rush  XR Goteborg, Sweden

KRSG Rush XR Oslo, Norway

KRSG Rush XR Helsinki, Finland

KRSG Rush XR Copenhagen, Denmark

NILE Radio Network Cairo, Egypt

NILE Radio Network Giza, Egypt

NILE Radio Network Alexandria, Egypt

NILE Radio Network Khartoum, Sudan

NILE Radio Nairobi, Kenya

Pump XR Hit Music Tel Aviv, Israel

Pump XR Hit Music Jerusalem, Israel

Pump XR Hit Music Beirut, Lebanon

Pump XR Hit Music Ankara, Turkey

Pump XR Hit Music Izmir, Turkey


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Congratulation! We have been informed that Richard Smith song 'Story' has continued to receive an increasingly strong responses in its latest month of rotation on numerous radio stations worldwide. Please click here to view Richard Smith spin report, which now reflects an impressive level of spins.


We are pleased to inform you that Richard Smith's feature story has been officially published by Marquix Global Network and is now available at the following link:

The primary media website hosting Richard Smith's story is


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